Roe vs Wade: Now What?

Long before you thought God was important, God thought you were important. Long before you ever heard the name of Jesus Christ, Christ had already committed to dying for you so that you could live a life truly worth living – a life lived in hope. May we truly glorify God in word and deed as we strive to help others realize this too.

How Should We Pray During Times of War?

There is much in God’s Word that can help us to pray in such times as these. The Psalms are particularly well-suited here. In fact, as we read and pray the Psalms, praying God’s Word back to God, one might be surprised at how explicit and poignant they are and how accurately they reflect our emotions and give words to the prayers we may not otherwise be able to speak.

A Simple Way to Pray:

Sometimes Christians are unsure of where to begin in prayer. What does one say? How does one approach the throne of God? Is there a right way to pray? What if one doesn’t know all those fancy church-sounding words? Maybe we’re not as eloquent with words as someone else that we know. Do we just ask for stuff? How do we start? Sometimes, not knowing where to begin prevents us from getting started at all. I have good news! Luther once said “the fewer the words the better the prayer”.