Hello! We’re Back!

After taking a lengthy hiatus, Life Through Lutheran Lenses is finally back! We’ve missed engaging with our faithful readers and look forward to digging deeper into God’s Word, Lutheran theology, and sharing how both intersect with our daily lives. We have plans to discuss life, including congregational life, family life, and personal life. We have plans to discuss the Lutheran Confessions, which many Lutherans haven’t read, as we draw out twenty-first century applications. We have plans to discuss our growth as God’s children, the importance of liturgical seasons, church history and more. We hope you will take a few minutes to savor a good cup of coffee (the “other” Lutheran beverage) and enjoy this new journey with us!

One comment

  1. Sounds like a worthwhile blog to listen to. We as Lutherans need to continue to learn and review theology as we get so used to our liturgy and teachings we get complacent. We cannot witness to.others if we don’t know why we believe what we believe.


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